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About AIT

Associated Industries of Texas is a Texas non-profit trade association built to represent industry employers working in collaboration with vocational and trade schools, government agencies, industry associations, suppliers, and other stakeholders committed to promoting and producing a new generation of skilled laborers to power the Texas workforce.

Our Mission

The mission of AIT is to build and maintain a coordinated, unified, focused, and effective effort to promote skilled trade jobs in Texas, thereby greatly enhancing Texas' ability to compete as a major player in the global economy and provide a secure financial future for Texans and their families.

  • Encourage young people to be proud professionals in skilled trades

  • Make Skilled Trade Professionals a first-choice career

  • Remove the stigma of blue-collar trades jobs

  • Promote the earnings potential and job satisfaction associated with skilled trades

  • Close the skills gap in Texas

  • Promote a public/private collaborative model to prepare the Texas workforce for the economic demands of the strongest state economy in the U.S.

  • Develop, execute, and maintain an effective political and image campaign that illustrates the importance of - and value in - skilled trade jobs in Texas

Our Leadership

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W&B Service Company

Executive Committee


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Hugh M. Cunningham Companies

Executive Committee

Vice Chair

Bruckner Truck Sales

Executive Committee


Premier Truck Group

Executive Committee

Vice President

South Star JCB
Executive Committee
Vice President

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