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Case Studies

Click on one of our case studies below to read more about these individuals and their decisions to choose a career in a skilled trade.


Multiple Career Options - One Clear Choice

As a high school senior at Randall High School in Amarillo, Texas, Austin Stashi had options. One of those options was to attend a traditional four-year university to pursue an engineering degree. Already involved in National Guard, a future in the military was a viable option as well. He even considered being in law enforcement or being an EMT. But it was his passion for tinkering with engines that ultimately led him to Bruckner's in his hometown.


A Fulfilling & Financially Rewarding Future

Jared Thompson graduated from Texas State Technical College (TSTC) in Waco on a Friday in 2013 with an Associate Degree in Applied Science of Air Conditioning (ACT). He started his career the very next day. Today, as the Service Manager for Encore Mechanical, he has parlayed that degree - as well as a passion for working with his hands - into a leadership position and a technical career that satisfies that passion while providing an accelerated track to a fulfilling and financially rewarding future all before turning 30.

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