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Associated Industries of Texas is focused on attracting individuals to pursue careers in the skilled trade professions. One of our primary goals is to reach down into schools in order to reach young people while they are still considering their future career aspirations. It is important that we connect with middle school and high school students as they are choosing their school courses.

We can make that connection directly, by interacting with the students on campus and at events they attend, as well as by connecting with their middle school and high school guidance and career counselors. To accomplish this objective, we are developing and executing two distinct strategies:

Mobile Technology Unit

Create a mobile technology unit to travel around the state and promote trades careers. This custom-designed unit will feature state-of-the-art simulation and virtual reality experiences that will allow students to be hands-on in real time, the careers they are interested in. The technology will also provide information on earnings potential, educational and training requirements, and connect the students to opportunities with schools and employers that can lead to a successful career as a skilled trades professional.

Virtual Toolbox

Middle school and high school guidance and career counselors play a key role in helping students map their futures. By creating and providing a virtual toolbox designed specifically for these school counselors to help communicate the potential career opportunities in the skilled trades industries, we are greatly increasing the visibility on career possibilities and opportunities in the skilled trades.

Associated Industries of Texas seeks to significantly increase the collaboration between public schools, community colleges, vocational technical schools, and employers to bring more people into the pipeline for skilled trades careers in Texas.

For more information about either our mobile unit or our virtual toolbox for counselors, please contact us.

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