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New Association Will Focus On Promoting Skilled Trades Careers in Texas

A new state-wide trade association has been formed with a focus on promoting skilled trades jobs in the state of Texas. Associated Industries of Texas (AITX), initiated in November, 2020, will begin formal operations in January 2021.

The stated mission of AITX is to build and maintain a coordinated, unified, focused, and effective effort to promote skilled trade jobs in Texas, thereby greatly enhancing Texas’ ability to compete as a major player in the global economy and provide a secure financial future for Texans and their families.

AITX chairman Tracey Maynor, Owner and CEO of W&B Service Company, says, “Associated Industries of Texas (AITX) will represent employers and key stakeholders who depend on well-trained and motivated technical and skilled trades workers in Texas. This collaboration – which also includes vocational and trade schools, junior colleges, government agencies, industry and business associations, and key industry partners – is committed to promoting and producing future generations of skilled laborers to power a world-class Texas economy.”

The organization will be based in Southlake with plans for an office in Austin as well. Bill Webb, former President and CEO of the Texas Motor Transportation Association, has been tabbed to lead the AITX staff as President and CEO. Webb has nearly three decades experience in managing non-profits and associations through his non-profit management first, Legacy Management.

“Not often is there an opportunity to build a trade association from scratch, from the ground up,” Webb says. “But it is the mission of the association that most excites me: Helping young people in our state – along with their parents – understand the career opportunities available in the skill trades. Our members are passionate about this mission and so am I. We are well underway with the organizational process and are looking forward to 2021 and fully deploying our assets and leveraging that passion.”

Some of the primary initial objectives of the association include: Encouraging young people to be proud professionals in skilled trades, making trades jobs a first-choice career, closing the skills gap in Texas, and eliminating the stigma of blue-collar skilled trade jobs.

“Employers from across many industries in our state know the importance of attracting young people to skilled trades jobs,” Maynor says. “We will have a very broad and diverse membership with a very intense and focused mission. Building a strong population of tradespeople will strengthen our economy and assist in growing a strong middle class. These are all jobs that are essential, pay well, and can clearly lead to long-term careers.”

For More Information Contact:

Bill Webb Associated Industries of Texas (214) 205-7495

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