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Scott Moss is employed by the Premier Truck Group (a Penske company) as Executive Vice-President of Human Resources & Administration, based out of Dallas, Texas. He has previously served in the roles of Sr. Vice -President Human Resources for the Penske Automotive Group (Scottsdale, Arizona) and Chief Administrative Officer/Sr. Vice-President Human Resources for the Penske Auto Centers (Troy, Michigan) since 1998. Prior to joining the Penske Organization, he served as Director of Human Resources for Bass Pro Shops and Builders Square.


Moss earned dual Bachelor degrees from Ferris State University (Big Rapids, Michigan) in Criminal Justice and Business with a major in Personnel Management/Industrial Relations. He was raised in Michigan and has resided in Texas, Missouri, and Arizona with his wife, Kelli, and two sons, Shaun and Shane.

Executive VP of Human Resources & Administration at Premier Truck Group

He has a passion for providing great career opportunities for those pursuing vocational education programs, having worked with many trade schools and colleges/universities over the years. This is particularly impactful in his current role with a focus on identifying and developing career paths for those who wish to pursue technician roles in the commercial truck industry.

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